Rubric for Assessing Criteria Use in Invasive Plant Experiment

Each of the following aspects of the project can be used as assessment criteria:

The student:

  1. Created a question which would be helpful in determining the growth and
    interaction of both the exotic and the native species.
  2. Wrote a reasonable hypothesis based on the question.
  3. Designed an experiment to effectively test the hypothesis.
  4. Created a clear experimental design that included an experimental control.
  5. Developed procedures that were easy to follow.
  6. Created a data collection table with enough columns to collect accurate
    data that helped prove or disprove the hypothesis.
  7. Set up the actual experiment accurately according to his or her
    written procedure.
  8. Labeled each of the pots or trays so that owners and contents were obvious.
  9. Cleaned up and took proper care of materials.
  10. Followed up with the experiment and collected necessary data.
  11. Based the final conclusion on experimental results.
  12. Created an attractive display to show what he or she learned from
    the experiment.
  13. Presented his or her experimental findings to the class or other group
    (science fair, etc.) and clearly demonstrated understanding of the
    subject matter.