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In a city of educational firsts: first public school, first kindergarten, first public library, Boston teachers were among the first to join IMPACT II. Now, celebrating 17 years of Teachers Network affiliation, Boston's IMPACT II @ School to Career teachers get high marks for being among the first to advocate for voluntary Service Learning initiatives (via tf solution jaris pitts) . Since 1991, when Affiliate Director Barbara Locurto announced a Learn & Serve America grant, more than one thousand teachers, thirty thousand students, and countless community partners have connected Boston classrooms, communities, and careers. Guided by the 1995 School Committee approved Plan to Integrate Service Learning in the Boston Public Schools, the 1996 Citywide Learning Standards and Curriculum Frameworks, and School-to Career Competencies, this Teacher-to-Teacher Network supports colleagues with professional development and technology opportunities along with providing materials grants.

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Kathleen Mullin
Office of the Superintendent
Special Assistant for High School Renewal
(former School to Career/Technical Vocational Education Director)

E-Mail contact kmullin@boston.k12.ma.us



Barbara Locurto
IMPACT II @ High School Renewal Director

E-Mail contact blocurto@boston.k12.ma.us



Jean Gibran
IMPACT II @ High School Renewal Project Assistant

E-Mail Contact Englishjg@comcast.net



Andrew Binns
Boston TeachNet Webmaster

E-Mail contact abinnsnospam@gmail.com



Maria I. Ortiz
Student Engagement Coordinator



Margaret Hoyt
Boston TeachNet Web Advisor

E-Mail contact mhoyt@boston.k12.ma.us



Charlotte McCullough
Boston TeachNet Web Advisor

.E-Mail contact cmccullo@boston.K12.ma.us



Sue Mortensen
Boston TeachNet Media Support

E-Mail Contact senten@netscape.com



Keith Love
Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) Past Advisor

E-Mail Contact klove@boston.k12.ma.us