Graphic Arts II Reflections

At this point in the development of Bright On Design and of your graphic art skills, what do you feel are the strengths that you have to offer the team? What do you feel are your weaknesses? What challenges have you come across while dealing with customers on a professional level? How have you helped the school?

A few excerpts:

Liem ____
March 14, 2003
My strengths in this class are that I have additional skills from my Webmaster class, and I know Photoshop. I know a lot of places online for information for the project. I always have my project done on time. My weakness in this class is that I am not creative. I am not familiar with Apple. It frustrates me when I have to think of ideas for clients. My job as designer is to design with information the client provides. However, if a client doesn't give me specific ideas, it makes it harder. My experience in Pre-Engineering as well as Webmaster makes me able to have a job professionally… I know the importance of being on time and communicating between designer and client.

Diana ____
This is my second year in graphic arts working with Ms. Hinkle. This is one of the classes I most enjoy. It's relaxing, fun, and most importantly, every day we do something different…This year my graphic arts 2 has started its own business in school. We work in creating and making flyers, brochures, posters, business cards, and booklets.
My strengths are working with people, I am a people person, I always ask what people need, when they need it, and how. I have brought a lot of customers into our business. I am also very responsible, I always make sure that I reach our customers satisfaction. When Ms. Hinkle ask us to do something, I make sure its done and on time. I enjoy this class so I look forward to work and do a good job on it.
The same way I have strengths, I have weaknesses, and those are the ability to have ideas. I'm not really good with coming up with ideas,or slogans, or anything like that…I am also very easily distracted…I get really frustrated when I can't come up with original ideas, or when I don't really understand what our customer is looking for…

Natasha____ March 14, 2003
Strengths: I find it easy to work in the computer department when it's time to work for projects like posters, flyers, and business cards. Another strength is measuring and putting colors and shapes together.
Weaknesses: the capability of trying to get together ideas and spread them out on the computer creatively. I am weak in the area of doing things that I don't find interesting. In other words in not spending time on things that don't fascinate me.
Working with these strength and weaknesses is not annoying, but is valuable to me because I get to see how I can strengthen my weaknesses and improve strengths. It gives me the ability to expand my professionalism.



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