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Hands of Friendship Honor  Veterans

Arts, English Language Arts, Social Studies


older & younger students
Communities veterans  groups, Japanese students 
Careers education, military service, social studies


Why do we observe Veterans Day and Memorial Day? For participants in a cross grade tutoring project, these holidays are for singing patriotic songs and reflecting on our nation's history. Veterans of Foreign Wars visit the classroom and describe how their post was named for a World War I African American soldier. Then fourth graders research World War II history and interview veterans from that era. Inviting the veterans to act as resources, they revive The Friendship Doll Exchange, a historic pen pal project between American and Japanese children that now has evolved into an e-mail exchange. The older students tell kindergartners stories about famous Bostonians and help them create dolls based on these historic characters. As they send photos and stories to their e-pals, they restore a once lively tradition. During a Memorial Day ceremony students extend their hands of friendship to honor veterans. 
Resources CD-ROMs: Grolier 2000 Multimedia Encyclopedia; American Heritage The History of the United States 
Technology search Internet, send e-mail, use graphic organizer, word process publications, create computer slide show
Web Sites
History Channel, Veterans of Foreign Wars, 54th Massachusetts Regiment
Community Partners
Patrick E. Toy Post & Ladies Auxiliary, Boston Children's Museum Study/Travel Program


Learning Standards Classroom Activities Service Activities
Understand & express different points of view (ELA)
Engage in historical analysis & interpretation (SS)
Introduce kindergartners to patriotic songs & Pledge of Allegiance
Invite VFW members to classroom
  Interview them about WWII experiences
Continue to pledge & sing at every event
Form a collaboration among kindergartners, fourth graders & veterans to revive The Friendship Doll Exchange
Conduct historical & social studies research (SS)
Use telecommunications to share information & exchange ideas (ELA) 
Search Internet for information on WWII
Identify Japanese class interested in reviving The Friendship Doll Exchange
Discuss how to honor veterans who have served the nation
Begin e-mail exchange on respective cultures & histories
Send class-made cards & gifts to hospitalized veterans throughout the year 
Make effective presentations (ELA)
Understand & use the writing process effectively (ELA) 
Organize & host a Veterans Day tribute
Write & word process invitations & program
Write choral poems & testimonials on What Freedom Means to Me
Prepare to present choral poems & testimonials 
Invite community leaders to tribute
E-mail poems & photos to e-pals
Start e-pals dialogue on impact of war
Discuss war & peace memorials
Comprehend various historical & social studies source documents & materials (SS)
Understand & use the writing process effectively (ELA) 
Research African Americans who served in the military since the American Revolution 
Write biographies of historic figures 
Create fabric dolls based on historic figures with kindergartners 
Share research information & stories on historic dolls with kindergartners
Display biographies & dolls during schoolwide exhibit


Make effective presentations (ELA) 


Conduct Who Wants To Be a History Expert? quiz show
Invite veterans to judge quiz show
Invite kindergartners to quiz show
Forward questions & answers to e-pals
Use technologies to present information effectively (S)
Collaborate on project that applies learning to educate others 

Create computer slide show 
Organize a Memorial Day reflections ceremony
Invite veterans, family members & other classes to ceremony 
Conduct slide show at ceremony  
Honor veterans at ceremony 
Continue to adapt The Friendship Doll Exchange with e-pals