Worm Worksheet

Students answer worksheet questions during Exploring Worms and Watching Worms

Let's see what you've learned about worms. Answer the following questions on the Worm Worksheet.

  1. What colors are worms?

  2. How does an earthworm move?

  3. How many segments do worms have on their bodies?

  4. How can you tell which part of a worm is its mouth and which is its bottom or rectum/anus?

  5. Do any worms you have observed show a swollen or fat part in the middle of their bodies? (That swollen part is called the clitellum. It is a sac of fertilized eggs that will become baby worms)

  6. Did you find any tiny yellow, round eggs?

  7. Do you think worms like noisy and sunny, bright places or do they prefer quiet, dark places? How can you tell?

  8. On the back side of this worksheet, make a careful drawing of a worm and write down any questions you have about worms.

  9. Finally, make sure you take the worm from your container and return it to the area where you found it.